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Sale Car Rental Located in North West of Morocco, Sale is the oldest city in Atlantic coast. Sale The twin city of Rabat, Sale is a beautiful and traditional city. Rabat and Sale are divided a bay which can be crossed in a boat or car. The Medina of Sale is very beautiful and is filled with alleys with yellow-white houses. The most well known attraction of Sale is the Grand Mosque and adjacent medersa. The Grand Mosque is one of the oldest and largest mosques in Morocco. The medersa is open to the public and from its top roof the visitors can see picturesque and excellent views of the city.

Sale- Highlights

The main attractions of Sale are located in and around Medina. The best point to enter charming Medina is through Beb Mrisa which literary means ‘small harbor used in medieval times to allow ships to sail into the town through a canal’. The design of this beautiful gate has been adapted from Almohad. The travelers in their hired cars can drive inside Beb Mrisa and find another gate- Bab Bou Haja. The street from Bab Bou Haja leads into a kissaria (covered market) selling textile and craft products. There is also a Souk el Ghezel, the wool market where the visitors can buy white wool. The shopalholics can also drive to Souk el Merzouk, a specialty market, where they can buy textiles, basketwork and jewelry. For bargained stuff, Souk el Kebir si a great place.

Why choose Cars Rental Morocco?

Renting a car with Cars Rental Morocco is the easiest and the most comfortable way of commuting in and around Sale. Car hire with Cars Rental Morocco offers the travelers with the freedom to drive cars at their own pace and schedule the trip as per their own terms. Cars Rental Morocco not only offers high-quality car hire service but also an excellent range of cars at the most competitive car hire rates.

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